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Monday, October 23, 2006

Fat Habit

A Fat Biography
28th November 1978, 2:20am. The creator of Fat Habit was born. It would be a bit longer before the first release was ready though.
Fast forward, summer June 1997, High Wycombe, Bucks. Synthesizer player and programmer Mark Child and drummer Alistair Sweetman got together to start MTK. The band soon gained a growing local following and at their peak, they played Face Party's annual bash supporting the likes of Electrix Six, Dirty Vegas, Supergrass, Shy FX and Phil Hartnoll.
At a battle of the bands contest the whole audience who were convinced that MTK should have won greeted second place for them with disgust. Unfortunately the band disbanded when pressure of work meant too many line-up changes left the band losing focus and direction.
The short-lived Black Mic Audio White 2003/2004 played several mini festivals and gigged extensively in the UK. BMAW had a brief lifecycle but acted as a natural link between the styles of MTK and Fat Habit.
2005. FAT HABIT.
A new line-up, a new sound!
Imagine this: Synthetic melodic hooks, breakbeats, chilled out Hip-hop and Jazzy Drum'n'Bass. Think Prodigy crossed with The Sneaker Pimps then add a pinch of LTJ Bukeum for good measure. It is a blend that is finding many new fans outside the traditional fan base of these genres. Some of the tracks have their roots in old MTK tracks but have been reworked and are now included in Fat Habit’s current set list.
Three tracks in particular have been tipped for greater things. Boogie man, Desire and Moving on have all been creating a bit of a stir. The latter two may be future singles for the band. All three can be found on the bands debut album Ridge Sessions.
Mark worked with vocalist Natalie Long (www.natalielong.co.uk) who provided the lyrics and vocals for several tracks on Ridge Sessions and also the Boogie man EP. Martyn Thompson provided the flute playing used on the album. New additions to the band are Sam Cook on live drums, Luke Ward on bass and Martyn will be providing flute and sax on some of the new tracks.

The growth of the band has meant a much fuller performance can be given to fans at the gigs. There is also the chance to play full-length versions of some tracks rather than the radio friendly three-minute versions found on the album. Fat Habit believes that live performances of their music is vital for the bands growth and also allows fans greater access to their music. So even more live performances is a target the bands are aiming to achieve. Plans are currently underway for a number of gigs around the UK and abroad. Check website and press for details.
For the future Fat Habit intends to build on the UK and international airplay they have already received. Mark recently represented the band in an interview on the world’s first Podcast TV station.
The Ridge Sessions album is now available to buy, together with the 12" Boogie man EP.

They can be purchased from selected record shops & online download stores. They are also available with a whole range of other merchandise from the bands website http://www.fathabit.co.uk
“The grand finale saw crowds of moving people gather protectively around the bandstand. Their encore left a superb last impression. Dance music inspired.”
“It’s far superior to the trashy Europop and cheesy vocal dance that fills the charts and the dancefloors on a weekly basis”
The first pressings of CD & Vinyl are limited to 1000 copies each...
Past gigs include: Concorde2 Brighton, Blueprint Club Nottingham, Chicago Rock Café Maidenhead, Chiltern University Student Union, Chesham Arts Festival, Faceparty.com, Capital Radio Help a London Child, Tunbridge Wells Forum, Southampton University, Reading University, Unit3, The White Horse, Phatz Bar Maidenhead…

Web: http://www.fathabit.co.uk
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/fathabit
Email: info@fathabit.co.uk
Tel: +44(0)7867 996657


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